If you’ve scheduled an appointment at the ThinkLab or are planning to drop by for assistance, you may wish to know a bit about what to expect.

  • Scheduling and Timing: Tutorials are scheduled in 30 or 60 minute blocks (depending on the tutorial type). Tutors try to wrap the appointment up with 5-10 minutes to spare so they will have time to write up a brief report about your appointment. In order to make the most of your time, we ask that you try to arrive as close to your appointment start time as possible.
  • Consultation Topics: During your appointment, your assigned tutor will offer you assistance on whatever topic you indicated when you scheduled your session. Please be aware that we do assign tutors based upon topical expertise; if you come in for assistance on one topic and then ask for advice on another, your tutor will do whatever possible to help you. If you need assistance that is beyond the expertise of your tutor, they may recommend that you schedule another appointment with a different tutor at another time.
  • Scope of Consultations: Our tutors adhere to UMW’s honor code when providing services. We are here to offer advice, show you how particular systems or tools work, and help you find answers to difficult questions. Your tutor will never complete your work for you or take control of or responsibility for your final project. Our tutors are also unable to assess your work and suggest what grade they think you should/could receive.
  • Repeat Consultations: You are welcome to schedule follow-up appointments with the same or a different tutor if you need additional assistance or time.
  • Non-Course Related Consultations: The ThinkLab does provide consulting for students seeking assistance on projects that are not course-related. If you are interested in assistance on a non-curricular project, you are welcome to book an appointment.
  • Computers & Equipment: The ThinkLab has two lab computers available for students to use during consultations that have all necessary software loaded on them, but you may wish to bring your own laptop if you have one.
  • Walk-In Appointments: As long as an appropriate tutor is available, we are happy to accommodate walk-in appointments.
  • Group Consultations: You are welcome to visit the ThinkLab in a group, if you are working on a project with others. At the time when you book your appointment, we will ask you to note if you are scheduling a group consultation. Providing us with that information ahead of time helps us to best prepare for your visit.