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3D Printing in the News

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 | 0 comments



Make: magazine posted this fascinating article about a man who used 3D printing to help find the appropriate treatment for his wife’s brain tumor.  Using a free program called InVesalius, Michael Balzer was able to convert the MRI scans of the tumor into a 3D model.  Using the model that Balzer created, surgeons were able to develop a strategy for removing the tumor that was much less invasive than the original treatment options given to Pamela Shavaun Scott, Balzer’s wife.

As Sara Breselor, the author of this article writes, this is one of an ever-increasing number of cases where making meets medicine.  “Groundbreaking advances in medical care are being made using basic maker tools and software, which means that state-of-the-art health care is becoming cheaper, faster, and more widely accessible, but also — and perhaps more importantly — it means that we can use these same tools to make sure our own health care is up to par.”

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This is the robot/monster Laura and I made as our final project…

Posted by on Dec 13, 2014 |

This is the robot/monster Laura and I made as our final project in our freshman seminar class. It is a mix of a Frankenstein and a tiger, and we were going with a theme. We created the robot at first by looking at the directions online. This proved to be very challenging, and we couldn’t figure out the parts or where they fit. Eventually, we figured out it was easier to look at the model that was already created by our professor. It was very hard to fit the wheels onto the motor; for some reason we couldn’t get them to fit. We got it eventually, but it took us a while. We used LEDs and batteries to get them to light up as the eyes. Another challenge we had to face was the fact that the program wouldn’t work on Laura’s or my computer. So, we had our professor program it for us, and eventually it worked! It was a very fun final project. Overall in this class, I have learned a lot and been able to explore my creativity.

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